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Grand Piano

Hello! My name is Eliza Vedar. I am a proudly queer Fil-Am San Diego based composer, music director, pianist, and sound designer. 





El Huracán by Charise Castro Smith

Cygnet Theatre 

Directed by Daniel Jáquez

An epic hurricane threatens Miami. A mother and daughter ready themselves for the storm as Abuela takes shelter in a world of memory, music, and magic.


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The High Table by Temi Wilkey

Diversionary Theatre

Directed by Niyi Coker Jr.

Tara and Leah are planning their perfect wedding: The dresses are chosen, the venue is booked, and the invitations are mailed. But when Tara’s Nigerian parents refuse to attend, it’s not just the RSVP list that is thrown into question. Meanwhile, suspended in the stars, three of Tara’s ancestors are jolted from their rest to decide whether or not to bless her wedding. A hilarious and heartfelt story of lineage and love is played out between the heavens and earth in this debut play from British playwright Temi Wilkey.


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Monsters of the American Cinema by Christian St. Croix

Diversionary Theatre

Directed by Desireé Clarke

When Remy, a black man, finds himself not only the owner of his late husband’s drive-in, but also the guardian of his straight, white teenage son, the two forge a relationship around the classic horror movies they regularly screen for the public. However, the grief they harbor over their shared loss threatens to fracture their bond just when they need each other the most. Written by San Diego’s most exciting emerging playwright, this haunting, funny, and loving story about race, sexuality, and family reveals the monsters and saviors we discover in each other.


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Chronicles of Kalki

Moxie Theatre

Directed by Desireé Clarke

This comic-book-infused girl-gang thriller chronicles the adventures and mysterious disappearance of Kalki, a young woman who may or may not be the final avatar of Vishnu. Has Kalki come to rid the world of demons and evil or just to make high school a hell of a lot more interesting?


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