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VegaVedar (Mario Vega and Eliza Vedar) are a musical theatre writing duo from Menifee, CA. They've written 3 musicals in their time in undergrad at San Diego State University. They're currently working on their fourth musical "DayDreamer"

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DayDreamer: A New Musical

Primavera is a land of mystical mishaps and magical mayhem, where serenades are as strong as swords and dreams can break the very fabric of reality. “Noche”, awakened from her Multi-Millenium mimis, schemes to steal the Sun and stars from the sky. With an endless night looming over the horizon, Candelaria, a child terrified of shadows, must overcome the overwhelming to bring light back to a broken world.

An adventure of sky-shattering proportions awaits in a New Fantasy Musical inspired by Latino Culture and Shonen Anime!

Way of the Witch 

Book and Lyrics by Mario Vega. Music and Lyrics by Eliza Vedar


Way of the Witch follows Dawn, an undeclared major at Notas Pacific California State University of California, who learns how to become a witch from her Tita Lucia. Along the way, Dawn encounters a variety of spirits, magical foes, and even a bit of romance. Dawn's courage is put to the test when she becomes entangled in an evil scheme to take away money from her fellow students. Hilarity and magical moments follow in a supernatural musical comedy with a Filipino twist.

Production History

  • Directed by Paloma Carrillo, CSU San Marcos Theatre Arts (2021)

    • Staged Reading​

  • Directed by Paloma Carrillo, SDSU Teatro Azteca (2020)

    • Note: Performances cancelled due to Covid19​


October 10 2021 

Performance starts @ 47:13


Book and Lyrics by Mario Vega. Music by Eliza Vedar (with Cynthia Phan)


Despierta! follows two Mexican-American families in San Diego as they deal with the pains of their past, the problems in their present and the anxieties of their future. Soccer games, trolley rides, and the unbreakable bonds of family are brought to life with music and laughter in a two-act original musical.

Production History

  • Directed by Grace Dolezal-Ng, Lime Arts Productions (2021)

    • Awarded "Excellence in Playwriting": Mario Vega

    • Nominated "Excellence in Directing": Grace Dolezal-Ng

    • Nominated "Excellence in Technical Achievement": Despierta!

    • Awarded "Lime Arts Producer Award": Despierta!

  • Directed by Paloma Carrillo, SDSU Teatro Azteca (2019)

Araceli of the West: An Original Musical. 

Book and Lyrics by Mario Vega. Music by Eliza Vedar


Araceli is the daughter of two of the greatest vigilantes in Mexico. After her mother’s death, Araceli begins intense training to fight injustice. Her “fuerza” is put to the test when the US government attempts to seize her town of San Manuel and "demexicanize" the citizens! 13 original songs in a comedy like nothing you've ever seen! Can Araceli  become like the Eagle on the Cactus, save the town and live up to her family legacy?

Production History

  • Directed by Mario Vega, SDSU Teatro Azteca

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